Scholarships for Nigerian Students at Leeds Beckett University in UK, 2018

Leeds Beckett University Scholarship for Nigerian Students to study in the UK. 

Brief description:
 The Leeds Beckett University is inviting Nigerians who are willing and able to school in the UK to apply for the scholarship above. Leeds Beckett university really values the diversity and exposure that international students bring to the institution and therefore offering eligible graduate scholarships. 
This institution is located in the UK and its open to the following scholarships details below: 

International Foundation Studies – £1,250

Undergraduate Courses – £1,000 per year

Postgraduate Courses – £2,000

    Scholarship values:

    The value of the scholarship and tuition fee waiver will be dependent on the course that you are studying. These values will be as follows:

    Cert HE International Foundation Studies £1,250 (first year only)

    Undergraduate courses – £1,000 per year

    Taught Postgraduate courses – £2,000 (first year only)

    To be eligible for the scholarship discount you must:

    Be assessed as having an ‘Overseas/Non-EU’ residency status.

    Be assessed to pay the overseas fee.

    Be studying the relevant course full time.

    Be actively enrolled in an eligible course.

    Be a self-funded student, who is paying the full course fee for that year (those students who have their tuition fees paid by a third-party sponsor, employer or government agency will not be eligible for example)

    Studying that level of the course for the first time (i.e. not repeating any level during that year)

    Not be undertaking a placement year
    Application instructions:
    You do not need to complete a separate application form to receive the scholarship. If you meet the eligibility criteria the discount will be automatically deducted from your fee liability and your invoice will be reduced accordingly.

    Courses or schemes where particular rates or payment arrangements exist (such as those relating to Franchise / Overseas / Partner Based delivery or any other special arrangement)

    Part-time students

    Any repeat year

    Any year where the student is out on placement

    Students on Distance Learning courses

    Those studying MRes, MPhil or Ph.D. programmes

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