scholarhsip for O level students

Scholarship for O level Students [Full- Guide]

scholarhsip for O level students

Looking for scholarship for O level students can be really challenging, especially now that there are lots of fake Scholarship application forms.

I know as an O level student, it’s a great accomplishment to have scholarship and have the privilege of schooling, for free; you will not pay tuition fee that is cool!

Mean while, some scholarship that may be awarded to o level students like you doesn’t pay your tuition fees, but you just get a cash price. Either ways, let’s look at the ones available at the time of writing this article.

Available Scholarship for O level Students:

At the moment there is only one scholarship for o level students in Nigeria available.

If there are any more available it will definitely prompt the update of this article.

  1. The Queen’s Common Wealth Essay Competition 2019:

This is hosted by the Royal Commonwealth society and they are already gearing up for this essay competition.

Application Deadline: 1st June 2019

How often is this held? : Every 1 year

What Countries can join? : All Common Wealth Countries

There are 2 categories available to those who want to enter, they are:

  1. Senior Category (They should be aged 14- 18)

Questions to be answered:

  1. ‘You are the most optimistic, connected generation the world has ever known.’ HRH The Duke of Sussex. How can you use Commonwealth connections for positive change?
  2. Connected by the oceans; can we work together to protect the environment?
  3. ‘We are all now connected by the Internet’ – Stephen Hawking. What does the future hold for humankind?
  4. Family, Community, Nation, Commonwealth. What are the opportunities for shared, sustainable growth?
  1. Junior Category: ( They should be under 14 years of age)

Questions to be answered:

  1. My cultural connections.
  2. An overseas visitor is coming to your town for the first time.  How would you connect with them?
  3. A place I feel connected to.
  4. The Commonwealth connects people across borders – what can we learn from our neighbors?

How to enter the Competition:

Before you try to join this completion you should, try to do the following:

After you are done, follow these steps:

Open this url in your web browser:


What you need to win this last Scholarship for o level students.

As you have seen above it’s an essay competition, which means that you are going to write essays from home, and submit to them, through the link above.

So definitely you will need to be good at English language, and know your Grammer very well.

You will also have to be creative, and craft your words properly. One other thing thatyou’d also need as you apply for this scholarship is correct spellings.

You should make sure that your spellings are correct and that you write accurately, and your Grammer too should be appropriate.

This is hard work, that’s why we recommend you use GRAMMERLY.

It’s a software used to correct the typed text, fix the grammers and also fix the spelling errors too.

With this and your own efforts you should be able to scale through.

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Is this scholarship open to Nigerian O level students?

Yes this scholarship is available for Nigerians, this is because Nigeria is a common wealth country and the requirement is that participants MUST be from a common wealth country.

So if you are a Nigerian get your pen on paper and start writing.

How do I send myessay if I can’t send through the internet?

Well it is specifically said that they highy recommend you send through the internet!


But if you stay where you have no access to such, then the only hope would be a post office.

I really feel this is risky because The RCS isn’t accepting essays through post office as from May 1st 2019, that’s a month before the deadline.

But if you’re sure you can submit before then, here’s the address you will have to send to

For Africa:

The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition

British High Commission

Julius Nyerere Links

PO Box 296



F.A.Q on CommonWealth Competition- Scholarship for O level students

When will the results be out?

The results will be out by September 2019. So, hold on tight and wait for your results.

Don’t be scared, if you did well and deserve to win, you’ll definitely win.

How is the price given?

The price will be awarded to only the first position of both categories, so it’s a tough one right?

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Can Non common wealth 

 Countries participate?

Yes, BUT only if it is submitted through the local RCS centers in the country.


How many words should be written for the essays?

The essays should be not more than (750 words for Junior Categories), and not more than (1,500 words for senior categories).

If it is more than, it would lead to automatic disqualification of candidates.


What language should the essay be written?

The essay should be written in ONLY ENGLISH, if you write with another language you will be disqualified.



Now we have seen the only Scholarship for O level students available, If you have any thoughts you can leave it in the comment box below.




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