How To Pass TOEFL Exam and Requirements.

This has come to my notice that TOEFL has been a setback to many students who want to study abroad as its an essential requirement for education and I will give you guidelines on how to pass TOEFL exam and requirement.
A TOEFL goal score is guaranteed to meet all of your schools’ minimum score requirements and is thus the one most likely to get you accepted to all of the schools you’re applying to. Here, we walk you through the steps needed to find your own passing score for TOEFL.

Make a Chart

To organize the TOEFL score information you find, make a chart with all of the schools you’re applying to. Across the top, write “TOEFL Required?” “Minimum TOEFL Requirement,” and “Notes.”

Here’s an example:


School TOEFL Required? Minimum TOEFL Requirement Notes
Penn State

Find TOEFL Score Information

Next, you’ll need to look for TOEFL score information for each of your schools. Get on Google and search “[School Name] TOEFL minimum score” or “[School Name] TOEFL requirements.”
Try to find links to your school’s official website. The pages you’re most likely to find TOEFL score information on our application materials pages, admission requirements pages, and FAQ pages. You can also use Ctrl + F to search for keywords such as “TOEFL,” “English,” and “proficiency.”

Get Your Goal Score

Now, find the highest TOEFL score in your chart. This will be your TOEFL goal score—that is, your own personal TOEFL passing score. This is the score that gives you the highest chance of getting accepted to all of your schools.
In my example above, the highest TOEFL score in my chart is 100 (for NYU and Columbia). This means that I’ll need to score at least 100 to pass the TOEFL.

Make a Study Plan

Now that you know how many (approximate) hours you’ll need to study for the TOEFL, it’s time to make a study plan.
How long you study for the TOEFL will depend mainly on your test date. Ideally, you’ll have three to six months of study time before your test. This should generally be enough time for you to fit in all of your study hours without issue.
Divide up your study hours so that you have a rough number of study hours for each week.For example, let’s say I need to study 66 total hours and have three months until my test date. This means I’ll need to study about five and a half hours per week to be able to hit my goal score.
Remember that you don’t have to study in one whole sitting each week; you may divide your time so that you’re studying for a few hours on one day and a few on another. Ultimately, do what works best for you!

Use High-Quality Resources to Learn Content and Practice

Once you begin studying for the TOEFL, use the best resources available to get the most out of your prep. You’ll primarily use these resources to study content, familiarize yourself with the format of the test, and practice what you’ve learned.
Always start with official TOEFL resources (i.e., those made by ETS), as these are by far your best bets for authentic TOEFL content and practice questions.

Master Key Strategies

In addition to learning content, you’ll need to practice both test-prep and test-taking strategies. Strategies teach you how to approach problems, manage your time, and stay confident; thus, knowing them will give you a better chance of hitting your TOEFL passing score on test day.

Target Your Weaknesses

It’s important to target your weaknesses in your prep, as these are likely to bring down your score on test day. Spend time reviewing difficult concepts, solving practice questions, and testing various strategies.
For example, if you’re struggling to get a high Speaking score, you should dedicate more of your study time to improving your English-speaking skills. Key strategies include talking to native English speakers, recording yourself and evaluating your responses, and practicing your pronunciation.
The more often you hone a weakness, the easier the TOEFL will be for you—and the higher the score you’ll get.
 Track Your Progress
The final step is to check your progress so that you can see whether you’re improving. The best way to track your improvements is to take full-length TOEFL practice tests (ideally, official ones). 
With the above outline, I think and believe strongly that you will be able to know how to pass the TOEFL Exam and requirement.
TOEFL Requirement:
Please ensure you present a valid international passport on the day of your TOEFL test in Nigeria. Driver’s license, National ID cards etc., will not be accepted. Your international passport must not have expired. Photocopies and facsimiles will not be accepted. For further clarifications, please get in touch with us.
The TOEFL is written in The TOEFL is written in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt (Rivers State), Ibadan (Oyo State), Owerri (Imo State), Asaba (Delta State), Enugu and Jos (Plateau State). However, you can register from anywhere you are in the world. A testing center will be assigned to you after you register. Call us to get the closest center to you.
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