how to create a google scholar alert

How to Create a Google Scholar Alert: [Easiest]

Have you ever wondered how to create a google scholar alert? But why on Earth would you want to create one?

We all want to be kept updated with the latest and one ways of getting the latest is setting up an alert.

So that’s it’s we all need the latest ON THE GO.

No one wants to keep swiping down to see if there’s an update to what we looking for.

Let me tell you a quick story:

I wanted to get myself a new reading strategy for my exams, I knew that people pour out such content every single day.

I was also reading too, I couldn’t stick out compounding 30 minutes trying to find the latest, so you know what I did?

I have learned how to create a Google scholar alert and in 1 day I got 3 mails on 2 articles each that was added!

Benefit? I saved time!! Man!! Time was so precious to me back then as a student… and it still is.

What is Google Scholar:

As the term implies Scholar is school Related and Google is for search


So Google scholar is a platform to search for school materials.

It’s very useful to students who want information and tips concerning School in the twinkle of an eye.


What is Google Scholar Alert:

This is a system that notifies you on a Google scholar new material based on the search term you need updates for.

It’s a very useful feature and saves you a lot of time.

So let’s see how we can help you SAVE YOUR TIME by knowing how to setup a Google scholar alert.


How to create a Google Scholar Alert:

Without Further Ado let’s get to it!

To create a Google scholar alert you have to identify what you want an alert for?

Like it’s pointless creating an alert for just any random stuff any way!

Like your bank alert, it’s on purpose you want to know what came in and out of your bank account right? It’s Relevant to you!

Same with google alert you want to know about something you ‘feel’ is relevant to you.


Now let’s look at the steps for doing this through out this am going to use the term like I did years back “reading Strategies” as my search term.


Steps to setting up a Google scholar alert

  • Go to Google Scholar
  • Type in your search term ( in my case “reading strategies”

how to create a google scholar alert

  • Scroll to the bottom of the search result and tap on Create Alert.

how to creat a google scholar alert

  • Fill in the 2nd Email space with your G mail (if you logged into your chrome browser with your Google account it automatically fills in the so you can choose to take 10 Results or 20 results (your choice).
  • Tap on ” Create Alert”

how to creat a google scholar alert

  • You’ll get alerts when a new Article on that comes up!


Why you should use Google Scholar Alert


Google scholar alert personally has saved me stress and time, I just simply get the information when it’s out that looking for it all day.

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So true Google Scholar alert and tell us your thoughts in the comment section below


I hope this post has helped you to know how to create a Google scholar alert.



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